Marshfield High School


Class of 1968
Morgan to Patnode

Abbott to Benshoof
Benson to Cheney
Choat to Davis
Davison to Garrett

Gentry to Harris
Harrison to Jadin
Johnson to Laird
Laird to McDonald
McGrath to Moore
Morgan to Patnode
Paul to Saling
Sams to Stocks
Storm to Tobisca
Tower to Whitney
Whitty to Zwicker
Class of '68 home

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Wayne Morgan
Donna Muth
Bradley Nelson
Ralph Newcomb
Linda Newell
Ruth Nichols

Bette Nissen
James Noblin
Dana Norman
Timothy O'Dwyer
Kristen Oldland
Kenneth 'Bo' Oliver

Garry Olson
Larry Olson
Elizabeth 'Becky' Orr

Louis Ouelette
Donald Pace
Mary Paczesniak

Walter Parker
Kenneth Parry
Bonnie Patnode