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Community and Memorial Scholarship Fund Newsletters.



Would you like a copy mailed to your home?  Email Candace McGowne at

2012 Volume 7 Issue 1 December pdf format   Click Here

2011 Volume 6 Issue 1 December pdf format   Click Here

2010 Volume 5 Issue 1 December pdf format   Click Here

2009 Volume 4 Issue 1 December pdf format   Click Here

2008 Volume 3 Issue 1 December pdf format   Click Here

2007 Volume 2 Issue 2 Fall   pdf format Pages 1-4  Pages 5-6

2006 Volume 1 Issue 2 November  pdf format   Click Here

2006 Volume 1 Issue 1 September  pdf format   Click Here


Class of 1962's Scholarship
endowed at $31,425
after 50th Year Reunion

Consider donating to help fully endow these scholarships which already have initial funding, but need to get to the $12,500 amount.

-Bruce & Thelma Hoffine Memorial
-Adam and Elma Donaldson Family
-Virginia Grant Memorial
-Aaron Roblan Memorial
-Coos Bay Lions Club
-Hazel Southam Memorial
-Classes of '56, '65, '68, '69 and '70

Or contribute to one of our existing scholarships on behalf of some of our favorite Pirates and Pirate supporters. Here's a full list of our existing endowed scholarships - click here.

Email Candace McGowne at for more information on how to donate.





Newsletter Committee:

Les Engle 62      Chair
Kate Sharples     Contributor
Cap Sharples      Contributor
Gina Sutherland  Contributor




'50 John Whitty
'52 Chuck Carlbom
'56 Don Messerle
'56 David Smith
'60 Gary Gehlert
'62 Les Engle
'65 Lou Leberti
'65 Robert Mahaffy
'67 Kirk Johansen
'69 Anna Schep
'69 Jay Farr
'70 Caddy McKeown
'85 Jennifer Bunnell
'87 Amy Day Larson
'91 Candice McGowne
'97 Kara Moore

Members at Large

Jennifer Groth
Greg Mulkey
Arnie Roblan 
Cap Sharples
Gina Sutherland
John Sweet