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Community and Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • In 2012 the program awarded 117 scholarships totaling  over $206,356.  77 Pirates received financial aid for their post high school education or training.  That's an average of almost $2,700!

  • There are almost 60 Endowed Scholarships,  including 16 dedicated to vocational/technical studies.  When you help endow a scholarship, the scholarship will be awarded forever.

Thanks for endowing four more scholarships during 2012. 
Please consider helping endow scholarships on behalf of others in the Pirate family, including former Pirate Bruce Hoffine '44.



Or help endow these other scholarships, which already have initial funding, but need to get the $12,500 amount.
  • Aaron Roblan Memorial
  • Coos Bay Lion's Club
  • Adam and Elma Donaldson Family
  • Virginia Grant Memorial
  • Classes of '56, '65, '68, '69 and '70

Hoffine's Hall of Fame Bio




Contribution forms can be found in any newsletter.
For more information on how to contribute:
email Candace McGowne at or
call Les Engle at 541-269-0112.


 Class Challenge!!!!!!!!

Classes of '54 and '62 are class acts!
The class of 1954 was the first class of Pirates to endow a scholarship. With over 75 candles on their cakes, being a super senior has a different meaning now than it did 56 years ago when the '54 Pirates were 17 and 18 years old.  Check out their supersite. Thanks for leading the way of class endowments.

If you can't be first, be the biggest! So says the class of '62. At the time that the class of '54 endowed their scholarship, the minimum requirement to endow a scholarship was $10,000.   It now takes $12,500 to endow a scholarship, but the class of 1962 thought the new minimum was a little low. When their 50th reunion rolled around in 2012, the not so young bucs filled a treasure chest with over $31,000!!!!! 

WOW! Here's a rundown of how various classes stand in their endowment status as of early January, 2012:

     Class of 1962   $31,425  Wow!  Must have had a good 50th year reunion!
     Class of 1954   $11,777  ENDOWED (when scholarships were endowed at $10,000)
     Class of 1956   $12,150  OH SO CLOSE!
     Class of 1969   $  1,775
     Class of 1968   $  1,400
     Class of 1970   $     500

How can you start your class endowment?

  • Contact Candace McGowne at and ask her to set up an account for your class.
  • At your reunion, challenge your classmates to meet or beat a certain amount.  But remind them that any amount is appreciated.

As of December, 2012
 Please consider contributing more on behalf of these special people or
 establishing a new endowed scholarship in the name
 of a family or staff member of other person or organization of your choice. 

The following endowments generate income for scholarships for the purpose of  post high school education.  Endowments can be designated to be used for 2-year schools, 4 year schools, vocational/technical schools or any combination of your choice.  Many endowments are open ended, thus allowing a student to apply for a scholarship for either a college or technical school.

5 T's Scholarship
Bay Area Sportsmanís Association
Mark Beckham Memorial
John & Dottie Bergen Memorial
John Brands Memorial

Del Brunell Memorial
John Burles Memorial
Cameron Clay House
Cameron Clay Memorial
Lew Davies Memorial

Ray Davis Memorial
Fitzwalter Family      
Jason Forrester Memorial
Isabell Galloway Memorial
The Gehlert Family

Fred Girt Memorial
Mike Helfrich Memorial
Chet Haliski Memorial
Dick Hanen Golf
Joycolynn & Walter Joslin Trust

Bette Knox-Hanen Nursing
Eleanor & Harold Knutson Memorial
Warren & Adaline Kolen Memorial
Dee Littrell-Lawrence Dance/Theater Arts
Maxine & Lyle McGuire Memorial

Marshfield Pirate Shop Scholarship
MHS Class of 1954
MHS Class of 1962

William McLean Memorial
Messerle Family Scholarship

Stan and Rose Olberg Memorial

Robert Perrin
Albert Powers Family
Albert L. Pranatis Memorial
Steve Prefontaine Memorial

Dorothy Irene Probst Memorial
Guy Shellenbarger Memorial
Jennielind Smith Memorial
Stan Solomon Memorial
Paul Starkey Memorial

Pete & Marcella Susick Memorial
Jeff Tofflemire Memorial
Buck & Ruby Williams Memorial

Carlbom Family
Coos Bay Lions Club
Dashney Family
Fromm Family
The Homebuilders Association

Johansen Family
John & Ginger Niemeyer
Michael L. Keiser
Chick & Spud Kysar
North Bend Medical

Page Family Trust
James Rippey
Sause Brothers
Dean & Dixie Sheldon
F. Willis Smith
Stamper Family

If you are interested in adding to any of these endowments please contact Candace McGowne at .