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      Class of 1977

The 1977 Pirates are looking for a reunion coordinator.
If you would like to help organize a reunion please contact
one of the following.

Joy Christy or  541-297-5674
        Lynn (Everetts) Snodgrass 541-888-4417
         Cheryl (Crandall) Reed - 541-267-7493


Agee to Barnes
Baron to Brandon
Braulick to Burgess
Burgh to Cox
Cramer to Davis
Deniston to Endicott
Everetts to George
Gibson to Gulseth
Gunnell to Hennessey
Hensler to Humphrey
Humphries to Johnson
Johnston to Kronsteiner
Kundert to Laskey
Lavios to Ludwig
Lund to Menkins
Messner to Nordstrom
Novak to Plotner
Poage to Price
Pritchett to Rooke
Rose to Scott
Sharp to Snodgrass
Solomon to Taylor
Thompson to Wade
Wade to Williams
Wilskey to Young

Dianne Agee
Mike Aimone
Andy Akerson
Daniel Allen
David Allen

Penny Allen
Al-Jawharah Al-Ruwaiti
Steve Alves
Tammy Aman
Laura Anderson

Lori Armacost
Michael Auer
Carol Baker
Richard Baker
Becky  Barnes