Marshfield High School


Class of 1974
Rebecca Elliott to Curtis Fisher


Class of '74 Home
Abel to Austin
Baker to Bell
Berglund to Campbell
Carpani to Dawson
Dawson to Elliot
Elliot to Fisher
Flanagan to Granum
Gray to Hanson
Hargans to Huntley
Irion to Jeter
Joehnk to Knapp
Koreiva to Larson
Larter to McCash
McClure to Matson
Menkens to Neiman
Neitch to Oldham
Osborn to Rausch
Razee to Robinson
Rose to Seger
Sexton to Stalcup
Stamper to Train
Travelstead to Wheeler
Whitson to Zeller & Massey

     Rebecca Elliott             Cathy Emerson         Deborah Emerson          Larry Endicott                 Lynda Entz                Corey Eskew

    Pamela Everetts            Keith Eversole               Lauri Fauver             Michael Fendall              Sandra Fields               Curtis Fisher