Marshfield High School


Class of 1964
Temple to Weekly

Abel to Barker
Barnes to Boyer
Breidenbach to Canup
Carsner to Cramer
Cummings to Ebi
Erwin to Frint
Furry to Hagemeister
Hamilton to Howard
Howard to Justrom
Kallgren to Lanz
Lasater to Magnuson
Marken to Moehl
Moore to Pal
Parker to Rehwoldt
Robertson to Slechta
Smith to Tacal
Temple to Weekly
Wehrle to Wuethrich
Class of '64 Home
Ray Temple
Reed L Terry
Pamela Thrift
Pamela Tower
Linda Tucker
Ed Udell
Melvin Vaughn
Susan Vickers
Barbara Waggoner
Terrence Waggoner
Charles Wall
Helen Diana Washburn
Kathy-Ann Weaver
Sharron Webb
Sharron Weekly