Marshfield High School



      Class of 1959
           50th Reunion




Olaf Holte

Eileen Edith Hongell

Cheryl Hood

Biddy Hopper

John B. Hosking

Marcia M. Houston

Betty Jean Howell

Elizabeth Fern Hoy

Tony Humphreys

Walt Hunter

Franklyn Huntley

Caroline Huppi

Mary Anne Jacobson

Ken Johnson

Phyllis Johnson




Senior Photos
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Abolins to Bellanti
Berger to Carlson
Celorie to Dart
Davies to Flanagan
Foster to Holland
Holte to Johnson
Johnston to Kutch
Kutch to McElmurry
McKenney to Moss
Muench to Person
Peterson to Rossi
Royce to Sumpter
Taylor to Webb
Werber to Libby