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               "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." Steve Prefontaine

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 Boys Tennis
Team Finishes at State  2nd Place  1956   1959   1960

State - Singles
1971 2nd Place   Bob Chiene
                          State- Doubles
   1970  Semi-Finals  Bob Chiene and Ron Daniels
1962  2nd Place     Don & Ron Landes
   1959  Champions   Lorance Eikworth & Gary Gehlert
   1956  Champions   Clayton Smith & Steve Langenburg
Team District Champions 1959 * 1960
District Individual District Doubles

 1960  Champion Gary Gehlert

    1959  Champions Lorance Eikworth & Gary Gehlert

2010 Boys Tennis
Coach Paula Massie

Jon Massie Advances to State Quarterfinals Match

North Bend


March 17 article The World

Roseburg 4-4 March 19 article The World
Willamette 8-0 March 30 article The World
Hidden Valley 7-1

April  4 article   The World

Thurston 8-0

April  8 article   The World

Ashland 3-5 April 10 article The World
Grants Pass
Churchill 1-7 April 19 article The World
North Eugene 7-1 April 21 article The World
Springfield 7-1 April 28 article The World
Hidden Valley
Ashland/N Medford Inviite  May 4 article The World
Willamette 7-1 May 5 article The World
North Bend 3-5 May 6 article The World
Marist 3-4 May 7 article The World
  District 3rd

       May 15 article The World

State 7th May 21 article The World